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The Public Service Award recognizes individuals, or groups, who have made outstanding, non-research, contributions to the cause of biomedical or biological research through their work in government, public affairs, education, the media, the law, the arts, or related fields.

Examples of such contributions include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Leader(s) of major initiative or action by the federal government which advanced the cause of biomedical/biological research
  • Official(s) who directed research response to a public health emergency
  • Champion of scientific communication that broadly illuminates problems or developments in the biomedical/biological research field
  • Public-spirited citizens whose special efforts and/or unusual financial contributions advance the cause of biomedical/biological research
  • Artistic achievement which heightens public understanding of a medical research issue
  • Innovator in scientific training and education

Past Public Service Award recipients can be found here.

FASEB is dedicated to increasing diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusivity within the life sciences. As part of this effort, we highly encourage nominations for individuals from historically underrepresented groups within the life sciences community.