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Who is eligible for the FASEB Excellence in Science Awards?

Women who are current members of a FASEB Full Member Society are eligible to be nominated for FASEB’s Excellence in Science Awards.

Who is eligible to nominate candidates for the FASEB Excellence in Science Awards?

Any members of FASEB Full Member Societies are eligible to nominate candidates for FASEB’s Excellence in Science Awards. Nominators do not have to be women.

How is eligibility determined?

Eligibility is determined by the award year (2024). Early-Career Eligibility: appointed 2017 and onward; Mid-Career Eligibility: appointment 2009 and onward. Note: Nominators may indicate parental leave of absence that may have affected eligibility for up to one year in their nomination letter.

Is my society a FASEB Full Member Society?

The list of FASEB Full Member Societies can be accessed here. The nomination form also requires the selection of at least one FASEB Full Member Society each for the Nominee and Nominator. If the society is not listed, it is not an eligible society.

Is it possible to submit documents beyond those requested to support a nomination?

No. Additional documents will not be considered.

Does a nominee get “extra credit” if multiple nominations are submitted on their behalf?

No. Only one nomination per nominee will be considered. In the instance of multiple nominations, FASEB staff will work with the nominators to condense materials into a single package.

Are self-nominations accepted?


Deadline to submit nominations?

Monday, December 4, 2023, at 11:59 PM Eastern

Additional Questions?

Contact Maribet Brute, Governance and Strategic Programs Coordinator